In recent times, many organizations are intending to cut corners without adopting the right architecture and culture of DevOps, which might lead to lack of efficient implementation. We strive to offer phenomenal architectural solutions which directs to substantial uplift in DevOps ROI.


Cloud computing is computing model, not a technology. In this model of computing, allthe servers, networks, applications and other elements related to data centers are made available to IT and end users via the Internet, in a way that allows IT to buy only the type and amount of computing services that they need.

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Major business problems in any organization can be migrating towards automation which involves inaccuracy and duplication of data. Here we assist in such migrations and introduce you to machine learning solutions which involves automating your business with clients, simplying your product marketing, improving precision in your financial models much more.


Most of the organizations across the blockchain sector take a toll on the environmental cost and lack the regulatory oversight leading to security breaches. We, Staxons provide a exceptional "Return of Investment" and help you build a technology that fundamentally changes your overall ledger problems.


A lot goes into building dynamic, robust applications. We Staxons, excel at industrial automation by creating most secure and stable enterprise software for several platforms that can scale.

Robotic Process Automation

RPA team in Staxa performs automation of an enterprise into an exceptionally sophisticated organization.

Cyber Security

The size of the targeted company is irrelevent to cyber security threats such as, cloud data leakage, SQL injection, cryptojacking and mobile malware. we provide foremost cybersecurity solutions which leads impenetrable breaches, we look after internal fraud measures, external attack measure.


STAXA is one of the fastest growing technology consulting company with expertise in providing on-premise recruitment support focusing on improved time-to-fill, increased candidate quality, flexibility, all while managing our team to verifiable metrics. We balance objectives, manage risks, and overcome constraints to successfully complete project milestones on-time and within budget.

We take a macro-level view of improvised strategies for increasing talent acquisition and establishing results-driven recruiting culture. We are open, trustworthy, down to earth, passionate about what we do, strive for excellence which spectacle our team-work. Finally, Co-managed services based on your business needs, existing IT expertise, geography, regulatory requirements and current business applications.

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